Python Programming I 2022

An introductory course that will get you familiar with the basics of programming and introduce you to the Python programming language. The course covers some basic programming topics such as Input/Output, variables, conditional statements, loops, strings, own functions, lists and other data structures, files, and external libraries.

All exercises

Exercise Status Deadline Download exercise
part01-01_emoticon zip
part01-02_seven_brothers zip
part01-03_row_your_boat zip
part01-04_minutes_in_a_year zip
part01-05_print_code zip
part01-06_name_twice zip
part01-07_name_and_exclamation_marks zip
part01-08_name_and_address zip
part01-09_utterances zip
part01-10_story zip
part01-10b_extra_space zip
part01-11_arithmetics zip
part01-12_print_a_single_line zip
part01-13_times_five zip
part01-14_name_and_age zip
part01-15_seconds_in_a_day zip
part01-16_product zip
part01-17_sum_and_product zip
part01-18_sum_and_mean zip
part01-19_food_expenditure zip
part01-20_students_in_groups zip
part01-21_orwell zip
part01-22_absolute_value zip
part01-23_soup_or_no_soup zip
part01-24_order_of_magnitude zip
part01-25_calculator zip
part01-26_temperatures zip
part01-27_daily_wages zip
part01-28_loyalty_bonus zip
part01-29_what_to_wear_tomorrow zip
part01-30_quadratic_formula zip